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Cryptocurrency became so popular that it now has its’ own comic strip

Cryptocurrency has been a discussion topic for a long time in forums where hardcore blockchain fans reside. Due to its’ increasing popularity more and more people jump in to discuss the potential evolution of cryptocurrency, drop some investment advice or simply make a joke about the “trend”. The community created around cryptocurrency has become so […]

Business Tech

You complained; Apple listened

At Apple, our customers’ trust means everything to us. During the past few days we’ve read everywhere news, articles and forum posts complaining about Apple’s big mistake of slowing-down older iPhones without informing anyone. Yesterday (December 28th, 2016), Apple posted an apology letter to its official website called: “A Message to Our Customers about iPhone […]

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Gaming Nostalgaming

The world needs a new Manhunt game

The Manhunt games have a special place in gaming history. Surrounded by controversy, the two games in this hyper-violent series were always in the spotlight. But let’s forget about all that for a second and focus on why Rockstar Games should focus on bringing us Manhunt 3. Awesome childhood The first Manhunt was life-changing for […]