Facebook has invented a new unit of time

A new unit of time designed to help sync video frame rates Facebook has announced a new project called: “Flicks”. What are Flicks? Well, a new unit of time of course! We've launched Flicks, a unit of time, slightly larger than a nanosecond that exactly subdivides media frame rates and sampling frequencies. — Facebook […]

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LIFX Smart-lights | BadFive Review

Its 2018! “New year new me” right ? Or at least that’s what your ordinary , non smart light bulbs may think. Maybe its time you consider upgrading to a smart-light. Installation process, the App, system integrations, user experience. Here is  the complete BadFive review of the .   who is the lifx team? The […]

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The world needs a new Manhunt game

The Manhunt games have a special place in gaming history. Surrounded by controversy, the two games in this hyper-violent series were always in the spotlight. But let’s forget about all that for a second and focus on why Rockstar Games should focus on bringing us Manhunt 3. Awesome childhood The first Manhunt was life-changing for […]