3 Techies on YouTube that can make your day a whole more interesting

It’s hard to find quality tech channels on YouTube nowadays

You ‘ve made a cup of coffee, sat in a comfy chair with your laptop on your lap and opened YouTube to find something interesting to watch while relaxing. In your surprise, despite the 157 channels at which you’re subscribed to, there’s nothing of interest for you to watch. You immediately think that you should put in some research before subscribing to a new channel, so that your feed would look a little bit more exciting.

Well, you’ve made a great start by clicking on this article. Bellow I present 3 Techies on YouTube that can make your day a whole more interesting!


Starting with my personal favourite, ColdFusion (a.k.a. ColdFusion TV) is a channel with a variety of extraordinary videos with topics such as“How BIG is Google?” Or “What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly”.It is one of the most interesting tech channels in YouTube, at least for me, with original ideas and informative content. The way Dagogo Altraide, the creator of the channel, narrates the videos turns the whole experience into something relaxing, interesting and unique at the same time.

Here’s his channel’s trailer:

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is pretty famous when it comes to tech shows on YouTube. With more than 4.000.000 subscribers it is hard not to consider him one of the best techies on the platform. He does anything from smartphone reviews, to experiences and impressions. If I were looking for a word to describe him, Geek, would be the prefect one.

Check out a sample of his content:


Last but not least is a relatively new guy going by the name TechAltar. I have discovered him only recently but I already fell in love with his content. I’m sure you will too. His speciality is “The Story Behind” series, where he investigates quote: “the unexplored and unexpected trends that shape the technology industry”

Here’s a piece of his content:

What all the YouTubers mentioned above have in common is quality in their content. Interesting and original videos, is what puts them apart from the others. I would highly recommend all three of them.

Have anyone else in mind? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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