5 easy ways to stop your smartphone from overheating

Follow these five steps to cool down your smartphone

I love my smartphone. I know most of you do to. But let’s face it. Nobody likes when all of a sudden your smartphone becomes a hot and sometimes unusable brick. Let me make it clear that it’s natural at some extend for your smartphone to warm up. But if your smartphone is overheating way too often and is reaching very high temperatures, then it becomes obvious that there is a heating problem.  The causes of overheating are various. Below I list five easy ways that at the least will improve your smartphone’s heating problem.

1. Keep it Cool – Keep it Sheltered

Smartphones are people too! No they are not. But you get the point. Just like human beings, smartphones need to rest at cool and clean places. Staying in the sun for a while could cause major heating problems to your phone. So bring it to the shade. In addition to been overexposed to the sun, smartphones tend to get hot when their surrounding environment is dusty or wet. That’s why it might be a good idea to keep your smartphone in your bag when you go for a trip to the beach or near a pool or a lake

2. Switch off Your WIFI

It’s common for people to forget to switch off their WIFI after they leave home or a place where they actually use the WIFI. Most people don’t even bother switching it off because they want their phone to automatically connect to surrounding WIFI networks any chance it gets. Doing this could cause your phone to overheat more often than you think. When your WIFI is enabled your smartphone begins to search for a network to connect to and it doesn’t stop until it finds one. This forces your smartphone to go into non-stop loops in search of a WIFI when there is nothing around. Do your smartphone a favour and turn on your WIFI only when you need to connect to a surrounding network. If nothing is available, switch it off, you will see a huge improvement to the heating problem of your smartphone and your battery as well.

3. Too Many Processes Running at the Same Time

Although you might think that your phone’s not working when you are not using it, you’re wrong. Smartphones constantly run background processes (apps) some of which are unnecessary. This causes your phones processor to work harder all the time which could lead to heating problems. Luckily there is a solution to that. For starters you should delete any apps that you don’t use anymore. This could help your smartphone get rid of some of the background processes. Another solution, which I personally tested, is an app called Clean Master. Clean Master helps you clean your phone’s background processes whenever you want. It is simple, easy to use and very effective.

4. Intensive Graphic Use

Your smartphone is not as strong as a computer. Well, it might be at some cases but there is a problem with phones. Although their capabilities and power has increased over the years there is still no effective cooling system. For those that don’t know, a cooling system is a fan or any kind of system that helps your computer cool down when it stresses up. Smartphones don’t have that. That’s why you shouldn’t use your phone for long periods of time for gaming, watching videos etc. A break between your game sessions could help a lot to avoid overheating.

5. Missing Updates

I’m surprised by the fact that only a few people know about this one. Try not to miss any update for any of your apps. Missing updates means that your apps are not optimised and that they underperform. Updates fix bugs and make your apps run faster and more efficient. Don’t miss them!

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