5 Gadgets that will up your Halloween game

Halloween is upon us. Everyone is looking forward to the horror films, spooky evenings, scary decorations and Halloween themed gatherings on the 31st of October. This year we searched and found 5 gadgets that will help you improve your Halloween game.

Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

Freak everyone out at your Halloween gathering with this animated prop decoration. This innocent candy ball is motion activated and is guaranteed to be a sensation at your party. The ghoulish hand in the ball will move when someone tries to take candy. One reviewer says: “..What a hit! Everyone loves it (or loves to hate it) and every October I dust it off for candy detail. Even knowing the joke after many years, it still manages to surprise a little jump or flinch out of people.”

Price: £18.16
Was: £19.99

The Thing Crawling Hand

This fake zombie hand looks like it came right out of a horror movie. Simply place it on the floor and watch as it harmlessly scares your guests. It can move and crawl across the floor on its own. It can be activated by the noise in the room and begin to slowly crawl around the house. Your guest will be mildly creeped out but impressed at the same time. Be warned! Your dog will most likely fall in love with his new autonomous zombie hand friend. 😉

Halloween Pumpkin Light

Traditional pumpkin decorations are good for the rest of the world but not for us, technology loving folks. This Halloween pumpkin light decoration is creepy and intriguing at the same time. It’s eyes light up if you want them to. In addition, it comes with built in horror music and spooky sound effects. As the manufacturer claims: “..not only the appearance is fearsome, but also the sound is horrifying!” Well, there’s only one thing left to do. Test it for yourself!

Luminous Halloween Aliens Eyes Head Hair Hoop Band

If partying is your favorite part of Halloween,then you most certainly need to get these luminous alien eyes. This hair hoop comes with a set of led eyes, that light up if you need them too. These glowing alien eyes will probably make you the center of attention at the party, if that’s what you’re looking for. They are fun, fresh and perfect for a selfie with the girls, or the boys ;), during any kind of parties. Well, they are quite.. eye – catching indeed! Hehehe.

LED Light Projector with 12 Switchable Slides

If you think you’re done with your Halloween decorations, then think again! This led projector is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with 12 switchable patterns for every occasion. You can use it during Halloween, Christmas or even at a birthday party. This gadget will project images of the slides in use on almost any surface, instantly creating an amazing atmosphere. If you look at the reviews you immediately notice that this product comes with high customer satisfaction. One reviewer says: “I love this projector light so much I would purchase a second one. Because it comes with 12 patterns for every occasion so it really saves money and add color to any occasions.”

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