Add Instagram filters to your website by using this CSS stylesheet

If you’re a daily Instagram user, like I am, you’re most likely in love with the photo editing capabilities of the app, but most importantly, with their amazing filters. You can adjust the appearance of your photo in multiple different ways, so it can fit any mood.

But, what if you want to use those filters on your blog or website? Sure you can use photoshop to edit your photos but that’s too much trouble. Up until now you would have to use Instagram to edit your photos, then save them before finally uploading them to your website. Well, there’s no longer a need for any of that since you can now simply use Instagram.css


Instagram.css is an open CSS stylesheet that you can use in any of your websites. You just need to include it on your project and that’s it. It allows you to use Instagram filters on your website’s photos simply by changing their class. It’s worth mentioning that this project is built on pure CSS, therefore it does not use any scripts that would cause your website to slow down. You can check out Instagram.css by heading to the front page of their project.

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