Apple reportedly begins production of its Siri speaker

Apple building it’s own speaker to compete with Google and Amazon

The rumors we heard a few weeks ago about Apple building it’s own speaker seem to be materialized, according to Bloomberg’s latest report. Apple’s goal is to compete head to head with its two biggest rivals, Google and Amazon. The “Siri speaker” aims to surpass Google Home and Amazon Echo with the ultimate goal of attracting more people towards their own services. Todo so, Apple needs to offer something special to standout from the other two speakers.


The “Siri speaker” is expected to lean heavily on integration with Apple’s ecosystem and at the same time give the ability to control smart home gadgets. More specifically, you will be able to use it to control HomeKit smart home devices. Although it is possible that third-party services will support the speaker from the beginning, nothing has been confirmed so far.

In order to standout from its rivals, Apple appears to be focusing on sound quality. The speaker is expected to produce virtual surround sound with the goal of creating a room-filling experience. The company has allegedly considered using sensors to automatically adjust the sound levels based on the varying accoustings of the room.

Some additional rumored features that might be included in the “Siri speaker”:

  • Facial recognition
  • Light version of iOS
  • Emotion sensing
  • Beats technology

Release Date

With WWDC coming up next week we expect an official announcement from Apple regarding the release date of their speaker. Although the “Siri speaker” will most likely be announced at this year’s WWDC, Apple won’t be shipping the device until later in the year.

Possible name of device: iSpeaker. Not so hard to guess this one 😉

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