Atom text editor now lets you collaborate on code in real-time

Collaborate in real time in Atom

GitHub’s text editor, Atom, has been one of the most popular IDEs for coding in recent years. For many developers out there, Atom, has been an interesting alternative to the well known and loved Sublime text editor. But with this new feature, you might seriously consider entirely switching to Atom.

The new Teletype feature lets you write code in real time alongside your fellow coder. Each programmer has an individual cursor in the text editor and can type code simultaneously without any latency.

Although this idea sounds great in theory, it might have a few challenges in practise. Imagine for example spending hours trying to find the bug in your code only to realise that your partner has been accidentally messing up your work in real time! This problem, along with several other challenges, are expected to be dealt with in the near future since Teletype is just on its’ beta stage for now.

Teletype’s official intro video:

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