Andronikos Zantis

Andronikos is an electrical engineer student who wants to simplify the way people interact with technology. He is thrilled about new and innovative ideas and passionate about technologies that revolutionize and change the world.

UMIDIGI Rant | My bad experience | Don’t buy

UMIDIGI (previously known as UMI) is a China-based mobile phone company. They release new phones every couple of months. UMIDIGI is known for their budget price phones with amazing specs. Sound too good to be true? Well, thatÕs because it is. In this article I will be sharing my personal experience with this company. How […]

iPhone X | Price, Specs & Availability

Apple just released the 10th anniversary iPhone , the iPhone X, in today’s event (12/09/2017) in Steve Job’s theater  !!! The iPhone X was launched alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus , AppleWatch series 3 with LTE and a new 4k AppleTV. This iPhone edition was probably the most hyped and rumored Apple device ever […]

Note 8 | “Explosive” details | Specs, Design & More

Samsung has just unveiled the Note 8 at today’s unpacked event (23/08/2017) . The Note 8 is the successor of the most explosive phone of our century , the Note 7 .   Jokes aside, Samsung with its new 8-Point Battery Safety Check promises that explosive phones are a thing of the past ! Nevertheless […]

Tesla Model 3 | First 30 Handovers (video)

Tesla has officially started handing over their first production of Model 3 cars. The event was held last Saturday (29/07/2017) by Tesla CEO , Elon Musk. Elon, in the event, briefly talks about the design of the new Model 3 car. Then, he continues to mention the Model’s 3 five star safety  and showcases a […]

iPad 1st Gen in 2017, Still relevant?

Its been 7 years since Steve Jobs proudly introduced the iPad , revolutionizing once again the way people interact with technology. But 7 years in the tech world feels like ages ! Every day new technologies are revealed. FASTER, THINNER , BETTER. Old technology gets replaced quickly and is left to dust forgotten in a […]