Erasmia Shimitra


Erasmia is studying Computer Science, which she combines with Entrepreneurship. She’s creative, spontaneous and never settles down. She likes seeing the world through different lenses and wants to learn new things every day.

Why use Social Media professionally?

Are you using Social Media in favor of your organization or company? If not, then you’re definitely missing a potentially great opportunity! Nowadays, Social Media is the cheapest and easiest way of promoting a company. Every hour, more and more people are entering the smartphones world. This means that the access to Social Media platforms […]

How should my first DSLR be?

Have you recently asked your gear-geek friend this question? There are so many characteristics that can make you buy a specific DSLR model. Depending on how “professionally” you will use your new camera, more details will definitely matter for you. However, there are some basic features you should have a general knowledge about before buying your […]