Giorgos Demosthenous

Founder, Content Manager, Business Manager and Senior Author

Giorgos Demosthenous (aka Mr Sailor ) defines himself as a creator. He spends his time bringing new ideas to life. He is a passionate writer and blogger. He’s also a computer scientist and a YouTuber.

Kyriakos Kyriakou

Co-Founder, Social Media Director and Senior Author

Kyriakos is one of the Co-Founders of He’s obsessed with programming, design and simplicity in tech world. As an entrepreneur he believes that running different innovative project ideas is the best thing in his life. “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” is his favourite quote.

Vasilis Artemov

Senior Author

24-year-old veterinary medicine student with a passion for writing about tech and gaming in my spare time. Fascinated with the past, present and future of gaming.

Andronikos Zantis

Andronikos is an electrical engineer student who wants to simplify the way people interact with technology. He is thrilled about new and innovative ideas and passionate about technologies that revolutionize and change the world.

Eleftherios Christodoulou


Eleftherios is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for anything tech and game related. Loves exploring new ideas and concepts in technology and has a secret passion for neuroscience and braaaains…

Jimmy Paschalides

Web technologies and big data enthousiast. Really into any kind of games with good story and storytelling.