Bad 5 characteristics of Microsoft Surface Book

King or peasant?

Microsoft Surface Book is a worthy competitor versus Apple’s Premium MacBooks in general. It also seems to be nearly the best windows laptop in the market. Microsoft finally decided to move forward and build her own hardware for her own software. Apple has been doing this since the beginning and I believe that this is actually the best practice for any tech company who respects her existence in the history of technology. People need a complete working computer solution instead of crazy “innovating” ideas that produce even more disabilities through their daily life. I think that Microsoft somehow did just that. As we believe that nothing is perfect, we’re listing below the most common bad 5 characteristics of the first Surface Book.


A small red error icon in the bottom right notification area is shown. Moussing over it shows the message “Surface Detach: Hardware Failure” and this is random behavior that happens after detaching and reassembling the screen. There are many solutions, but they aren’t always successful. For some users the problem got fixed by applying one of them, but there are still others where the same “successful” solution cannot fit to the problem. This seems to be a hardware issue that is still odd. Microsoft released many Windows and Firmware Updates for Surface Book since its first release, but none fixes the problem. Is this a hardware madness? Only god knows…!

The so-called “touch screen” is clearly having issues with “touch”. No… It’s not sensitive at all! It’s just transforming to a normal one without touch and this is a clear feature. Heh… no I’m kidding! But when you finally end up with a problem like that, you will understand that you spent so much, for a less-functional device than the one you though it was. This is really serious guys. Of course there are a lot of solutions out there at Microsoft Support website etc., but who has time to read, understand and apply a solution when he has just 30 minutes, for example, to finish a goddamn job!

I’m tired of listing battery issues for any device every time I’m writing a review for them. Microsoft’s Surface Book battery problem is really interesting. It has not just an awful battery life problem, but it also has problems with battery management in general. Users repeatedly issued through several forums that even when the lid is closed or put the device to standby, the system sleep is not properly done, as a result the device continues to drain power. Imagine that you hold your own fully charged Surface Book, you went for a job somewhere, but oh well… you realized that forgot your charger! It not Microsoft’s fault, it’s yours!

In an era of “Windows 10”, I always believed that bad habits would change. Instead, bad habits got worst, as Microsoft still ignores to successfully make a system full compatible with “everyone” and every device out there. This is undoubtable a really difficult thing to manage. But when you finally succeded to build and construct your own device, issues like these are unbelievable. “Sleep of death” is without a doubt not a feature at all. Microsoft released a massive update on April 19 of 2016, but there are still some drivers not working properly. They are not just problems now, they are something buggy and unreliable in addition. Well done Microsoft, well done!

Do you wonder what is this thing? “Whenever the system goes to sleep for a few hours or more, chances are it’s not going to wake up. These long sleep periods, such as overnight, usually result in system crashes”. It’s a common problem with lots of other windows devices in the market. This “plague” can also result in data corruption and so many junk files and other performance issues that will throttle your system. It’s really sad that even Surface Book, the king of all, suffers from this.

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