Is Beenox developing Call of Duty for the Switch?

The rumors for a possible release of the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise for the Nintendo Switch have been getting more and more credibility in the days that led up to the reveal of Call of Duty WWII.

Firstly, an anonymous source stated that no platforms will be included in the reveal trailer of Call of Duty WWII. That prediction was correct. No platforms were listed in the trailer other than the PS4 beta exclusivity and a press release was sent out later to major websites stating that the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

At this point you must be saying, “well there you go, announced platforms by Activision, no Switch version in the press release”. That might be the case but what is interesting to note is that historically, Call of Duty games on Nintendo systems are announced a few months late.

In addition to that, some people noticed the following fine print in the trailer:

And let’s not forget the suspicious return of Nintendo Account linking in, which was removed back when Black Ops III was released, a game that skipped Nintendo consoles.

At this point, another bit of information from the anonymous source states that Call of Duty is actually in development for the Nintendo Switch by an Activision subsidiary and will be announced in a Nintendo Direct Presentation around the time of E3 2017. The presentation is rumored to last 2 hours and will supposedly include the reveal.

And now, we speculate. Before continuing, I would like to point out once again that this is a logical, deductive speculation based on a source with a good track record on predictions that came out to be true.

If we are to believe the source and the rumors, a subsidiary of Activision is handling the Switch version. Infinity Ward and Raven Software are too big for such a small project, so is Treyarch and the team at Sledgehammer Games, which probably have their hands full. Beenox is the only logical candidate left and, surprise surprise, they’ve had plenty of time to work on their Call of Duty skills by porting Black Ops III (PS3, 360) and handling part of the development for the remaster of Modern Warfare, released last year.

What do you think? The Nintendo Switch sold 2.4 million in less than a month. Is Activision making a mistake by not announcing a Call of Duty game for a console with no competition in terms of first person shooters? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Since the Switch is selling, and is not VASTLY underpowered in comparison to the other platforms now, than why not? 😀 It would be awesome, not only for the gamers, but also for Nintendo.

    Unless the whole thing will be a fu**up.
    And also – I hope EA comes to the field with a Battlefield game, and Activision’s friends from next door a.k.a Blizzard will port Overwatch to it. Even without crossplay, it would be a BANG

    • Who or what is player essence?

      I cannot reveal an anonymous source. That kind of beats the whole purpose of anonymity.

  • the public of Call of Duty isn’t on the Nintendo’s platforms, they are all o PC -PS4 -Xbox. The last release of a Call of Duty game on a Nintendo’s platform it was a disaster.