Call of Duty WWII on Switch – the latest chatter

The search for information about the Nintendo Switch version of Call of Duty WWII takes me everywhere. This time, it brought me to the forums of a French gaming news website At the time of writing this I have not been able to confirm any of these claims, so take the pictured comments with a grain of salt.

(Bad Google translation follows)


Activision would work on a new call of duty exclusively on switch. We would have a multiplayer mode has 4 players locally and 16 if you have multiple switch (2 per console max). The game would happen during World War II a bit like WWII but with exclusive content like the battles during the Korean War. The online could accommodate 32 players per game.
An adventure mode where one would play an American during the whole 2nd World War + the Korean War would last 30 hours of game with cinematic.

The game would be released between 2018 and 2019.

So it would be a comeback to this strong license of activision


When asked “Source?”, the user answers:

I can not really tell you but Nico Augusto would have talked to me via Skype and it proved to me that the game really exists via the arrival of another person but I can not tell you more.


While I do believe some of the information here may be partially true, the alleged “30 hours of gameplay” makes me skeptical of the validity of this information. Maybe this person didn’t hear correctly? Call of Duty campaigns are always roughly around 8 hours.

I contacted the user who posted this as well as the person mentioned as a source, who I believe to be Nico Augusto, the independent developer responsible for the promising Seasons of Heaven, which aims for a Switch release. They did not respond to my enquiries.

What do you think? Is there any truth to these claims? Nintendo isn’t done with its 2017 surprises.

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