Atom text editor now lets you collaborate on code in real-time

Collaborate in real time in Atom GitHub’s text editor, Atom, has been one of the most popular IDEs for coding in recent years. For many developers out there, Atom, has been an interesting alternative to the well known and loved Sublime text editor. But with this new feature, you might seriously consider entirely switching to […]

iPad 1st Gen in 2017, Still relevant?

Its been 7 years since Steve Jobs proudly introduced the iPad , revolutionizing once again the way people interact with technology. But 7 years in the tech world feels like ages ! Every day new technologies are revealed. FASTER, THINNER , BETTER. Old technology gets replaced quickly and is left to dust forgotten in a […]

Google launches new site to showcase its open source projects and tools

“Bringing better technology to the world by promoting open source” Google has been contributing,managing and releasing open source projects for many years now. Many of their open source projects and tools like Android,Angular, Tensor Flow and many more were met with a great amount of success and popularity. It’s clear that Google really cares about […]

5 apps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution – 2017

New Year – New You! Right? It’s that time of the year again. You had your fun and now it’s time for a restart. New Year – New You! Right? New Year’s resolution is a beautiful way of expressing your will to change, to improve and to see yourself becoming or achieving something you always […]

New Google Maps update includes voice commands

..hands-free and eyes-free Every time you are going for a road trip, most of the times you need Google Maps. So you assign the setting of the place that you want to reach to a passenger or you are doing it by yourself, but you are driving. Google has released the update that will fix […]

Google’s AI-powered Allo messaging app is now available

Say ‘ALLO’ Google is rolling out today its’ long anticipated AI-powered messaging app. The app was demonstrated at Google’s 2016 I/O conference with many features like end-to-end encryption, private conversations and integrated AI to improve your messaging experience. As promised Google has made Allo available for download in many regions by the end of the […]

Gift Panic: A puzzle game worth checking out

Great design and creative gameplay Match 3 puzzle games are one of the most common types of games around. There’s a notable amount of people that love this kind of games. Simple, strategic and fun are the main characteristics that make match 3 puzzle games desirable. There are literally dozens of match 3 puzzle games […]