What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

A.I. is young, beautiful and has just begun to flourish Artificial Intelligence is the concept of giving machines the ability to think intelligently in a manner similar to that of human intelligence. Before understanding how we can implement human like intelligence on a machine, we first need to answer a very important question. What is […]

What is Machine Learning?

A simple explanation of Machine Learning Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence(A.I.) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. More specifically, machines use a set of input data and observations and attempt to extract useful information and conclusions from that set using intelligent algorithms. This process is called […]

Has Microsoft Become More Innovative and Creative?

Microsoft appears to have taken back the crown of innovation from Apple due to its’ recent wave of innovations and creativity. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO since 2014, has given the company a fresh new look. For the first time in many years Microsoft is among the leading innovators in hardware and design. Microsoft has taken […]

How should my first DSLR be?

Have you recently asked your gear-geek friend this question? There are so many characteristics that can make you buy a specific DSLR model. Depending on how “professionally” you will use your new camera, more details will definitely matter for you. However, there are some basic features you should have a general knowledge about before buying your […]

5 YouTube Alternatives , Just in Case

Where would you go if YouTube died ? YouTube is an amazing platform which promotes creativity and freedom of expression (to an extent). Despite its’ ongoing success and evolution YouTube has come across a variety of complaints from their community over the recent years. If you’re one of the users that don’t like certain things […]

3 Techies on YouTube that can make your day a whole more interesting

It’s hard to find quality tech channels on YouTube nowadays You ‘ve made a cup of coffee, sat in a comfy chair with your laptop on your lap and opened YouTube to find something interesting to watch while relaxing. In your surprise, despite the 157 channels at which you’re subscribed to, there’s nothing of interest […]

Five extremely helpful tools for organizing your work

Don’t we all need someone to remind us on what we have to do with all the necessary information? Why to spend valuable energy and thinking in remembering stuff? However, for every single one of us, organizing the things we have to do is maybe the most important. Some times we have so many things […]

8 Free Internet Tools You Should Know

8 Free Internet Tools that will make your life a lot easier The Internet is the most powerful tool we have ever invented as a human species. It has revolutionised the way we communicate, learn and work with each other. The advantages of using the internet are countless but today we are only going to […]