Why I can’t wait for the new Spider-Man game

Web-slinging into our hearts Last week I finally got the chance to watch Spider-Man Homecoming and I found myself longing for a good Spider-Man game. Beenox’s ‘Shattered Dimensions’ and ‘Edge of Time’ were incredibly fun games, followed by disappointing outings based on the two ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ movie adaptations. With the post-movie hype still in effect, […]

Call of Duty WWII on Switch – the latest chatter

The search for information about the Nintendo Switch version of Call of Duty WWII takes me everywhere. This time, it brought me to the forums of a French gaming news website jeuxvideo.com. At the time of writing this I have not been able to confirm any of these claims, so take the pictured comments with […]

The secret brilliance of Alone in the Dark

The AITD series has been around for a long time. In 2008, Eden Games sought to bring the game that pioneered survival-horror to a new generation. While the game did make an appearance on the PS3 as a superior version that addressed a lot of shortcomings, it was initially released on PC, 360, Wii and […]

Nintendon’t worry, be happy

Nintendo has had many surprises in 2017. They’re not done yet. SIGNS OF CONCERN The PS4 family of systems and Xbox One and One X are currently enjoying fantastic third-party support. It’s natural for Nintendo console users, some of which might exclusively own one console, to want a piece of the pie. But despite some […]

Bayonetta may be coming to Nintendo Switch

Bringing out the big guns Fans have speculated for long that Platinum Games’ Bayonetta would find its way to the Nintendo Switch. It made sense for this to happen since Platinum struck a deal with Nintendo a few years ago that secured funding for the development of Bayonetta 2, exclusively for Wii U. The two […]

Why Virtual Console Might be Announced in August

It has been almost four months since the Nintendo Switch’s victorious launch and Virtual Console is nowhere to be found. This has left many disappointed and even confused, considering it was a major selling point on both the Wii and Wii U. But today, I am going to address what I think is a pattern, […]

Yeah, Call of Duty WWII is still coming to Switch

Call of Duty WWII is on its way to becoming one of the biggest games of the year. We previously reported on the possibility of it coming to the Nintendo Switch but E3 came and went, with plenty of surprises, yet no Switch WWII was announced. Instead, what we got was more confusion, secrecy and […]

Why Injustice 2 Is A Blast To Behold

Injustice 2, the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, has been out for nearly a month now, and the reviews have been almost universally positive. Available on mobile platforms in addition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it was developed by NetherRealm Studios as a cutting edge fighting style game. Below, we’ll touch on what […]

The Devil’s Advocate – No Man’s Sky

Return to a procedurally generated galaxy far away… I know, you are probably wondering why even bother mention this game when it’s been out for almost a year now. However, there is a number of messages that can be taken from the No Man’s Sky controversy. Video game reviews take into consideration a lot of factors […]

Call of Duty WWII to light up the Nintendo Switch at E3?

E3 is almost upon us and it seems Nintendo fans have one more thing to be excited about. According to new information presented to us by an anonymous source, Call of Duty WWII will be announced for the Nintendo Switch next month at the Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 video presentation. Switching it up The Nintendo […]