iPad 1st Gen in 2017, Still relevant?

Its been 7 years since Steve Jobs proudly introduced the iPad , revolutionizing once again the way people interact with technology. But 7 years in the tech world feels like ages ! Every day new technologies are revealed. FASTER, THINNER , BETTER. Old technology gets replaced quickly and is left to dust forgotten in a […]

Apple reportedly begins production of its Siri speaker

Apple building it’s own speaker to compete with Google and Amazon The rumors we heard a few weeks ago about Apple building it’s own speaker seem to be materialized, according to Bloomberg’s latest report. Apple’s goal is to compete head to head with its two biggest rivals, Google and Amazon. The “Siri speaker” aims to […]

How should my first DSLR be?

Have you recently asked your gear-geek friend this question? There are so many characteristics that can make you buy a specific DSLR model. Depending on how “professionally” you will use your new camera, more details will definitely matter for you. However, there are some basic features you should have a general knowledge about before buying your […]

Alexa will be your new Ford companion

Ford is getting serious, entering an era of smartcars. The famous automaker decided to give its newest cars a voice. Alexa is the first virtual assistant that Fords will include in its latest models.   As Ford’s Official Website describes:   “Ford and Amazon team up to offer consumers the ability to access their car […]

Tick Different, Swatch Said and Apple got mad

Just another battle that a giant falls   The famous Swiss watchmaker decided to start a new campaign over its new wristwatch with contactless payment chip, using a new moto: Tick Different. Guess who’s mad; Apple! The company complained officially against Swatch in Swiss court supporting that this moto is similar to their own, Think […]

The new Nokia 3310 came in like a wrecking ball

Ready to smash things with new Nokia 3310 model?   It’s finally here! Everyone was very excited when they heard that the king was about to make a comeback. Nokia finally did it! The new Nokia 3310 model is gorgeous, reminding us the good old times when this historic phone was a must for everyone. […]

iPhone 7 Leaks and Rumors

According to wheniskeynote.com, Apple iPhone 7 Event will take place on September 7th, 2016. The new iPhone 7 models are getting ready in the product line, streaming outside to the world several leaks and rumors. As for the number of 7-series models, there are two possibilities. The first one is reporting two kind of models: […]

Airbus wants to make self-flying taxis by this time next year

One of the biggest headaches in major cities, which is traffic during rush hour, might be solved with this ambitious plan. Airbus has revealed their on-going project, which is building a self-flying taxi along with an entire traveling service that comes with it. The company claims that they could begin testing as early as 2017! […]

10 Gadgets That Can Turn You Into a Superhero

With all those superhero movies taking over the big screen, it’s hard not to want some kind of superpower yourself. If you’re desperate for some superhero action, the way to do it (unless you are a mutant) is by using some manmade technology gadgets that could give you superhuman powers. Let’s face it. You are […]

Five of The Most Popular and Successful Kickstarter Technology Projects

Kickstarter is an amazing platform where you can get your project running with the help of creativity and of course crowdfunding. If the public likes your project, they fund it expecting a corresponding outcome. At the time of writing, Kickstarter has successfully funded 106,000 projects which pledged $2,386,928,385 in total. Many amazing ideas came to […]