How to host a Website at your home using Raspberry Pi

Before start installing the software, you need to make sure that you have your Hardware set up. First of all, you need a raspberry pi with the ability to connect to the internet. Make sure that everything is working properly, that you are connected to the local network and to the Internet. Firstly, execute sudo […]

5 ways to reduce used space on nearly every device you own

Nowadays, the big data problem is getting bigger and more difficult. As human beings, we want to store our moments, creations and work daily. Every single moment is precious. Every creation and work are also parts of our life. Entertainment is another factor that is strictly connected with our routine. All those are just some […]

How to acquire Pokémon GO without being released in your country

Do you want to get crazy as the rest of the world? Pokémon GO is currently available in the US, Australia and New Zealand on iPhone and Android devices. Of course it’s rolling out to other countries soon! So whether you have an iOS or Android device, be sure to check your App Store or […]

Five extremely helpful tools for organizing your work

Don’t we all need someone to remind us on what we have to do with all the necessary information? Why to spend valuable energy and thinking in remembering stuff? However, for every single one of us, organizing the things we have to do is maybe the most important. Some times we have so many things […]

Useful tools to maintain your sick Mac

Healthy Mac, happy user Bored of your slow Mac? There are a bunch of ways you can maintain the Mac with several built-in tools or options. The majority of users do not need a specific routine maintenance, but if you want to take more precautions for your Mac or speed it up, you could use […]

How to make your home smarter

Simple, low-budget and useful ideas   We are getting closer to a smart home era that will change our life. Everyone wants to know about ways to make his or hers home smarter and have some extra comforts. Making a smart home isn’t only building a high budget house from scratch, but it’s also expanding […]

5 easy ways to stop your smartphone from overheating

Follow these five steps to cool down your smartphone I love my smartphone. I know most of you do to. But let’s face it. Nobody likes when all of a sudden your smartphone becomes a hot and sometimes unusable brick. Let me make it clear that it’s natural at some extend for your smartphone to […]