Cryptocurrency became so popular that it now has its’ own comic strip

Cryptocurrency has been a discussion topic for a long time in forums where hardcore blockchain fans reside. Due to its’ increasing popularity more and more people jump in to discuss the potential evolution of cryptocurrency, drop some investment advice or simply make a joke about the “trend”. The community created around cryptocurrency has become so […]

You complained; Apple listened

At Apple, our customers’ trust means everything to us. During the past few days we’ve read everywhere news, articles and forum posts complaining about Apple’s big mistake of slowing-down older iPhones without informing anyone. Yesterday (December 28th, 2016), Apple posted an apology letter to its official website called: “A Message to Our Customers about iPhone […]

Are we all wrong about Net Neutrality?

A more closer look at the concept of Net Neutrality is necessary to form an unbiased opinion In case you’re not familiar with the concept of Net Neutrality Net neutrality is a set of rules that protects the openness of the internet. It preserves our right to communicate freely online without any control from big […]

Is Apple wrong about slowing down older iPhones?

  The raw truth behind all conspiracies In the last few days, many articles have been written about older iPhones suddenly slowing down. Some of them explain the issue with an objective view, but others are just blaming Apple’s decision in various ways. I’ve decided to list down a few things to let you decide […]

Atom text editor now lets you collaborate on code in real-time

Collaborate in real time in Atom GitHub’s text editor, Atom, has been one of the most popular IDEs for coding in recent years. For many developers out there, Atom, has been an interesting alternative to the well known and loved Sublime text editor. But with this new feature, you might seriously consider entirely switching to […]

Microsoft employee installs Chrome during demo because Edge keeps crashing

Microsoft has recently uploaded a video of a presentation on how potential clients can migrate their applications, data and workloads to Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately or hilariously (depending on who you ask), the presentation didn’t go quite as expected. During the live demo, a Microsoft employee was forced to pause his presentation in order to install […]

5 Gadgets that will up your Halloween game

Halloween is upon us. Everyone is looking forward to the horror films, spooky evenings, scary decorations and Halloween themed gatherings on the 31st of October. This year we searched and found 5 gadgets that will help you improve your Halloween game. Animated Monster Hand in Bowl Freak everyone out at your Halloween gathering with this […]

5 Pieces of Futuristic Tech From Old Movies That Became Reality

When compared with the disbelief-suspension of the world of cinema, real life can seem pretty mundane and boring. This is why we get excited and marvel at the whizzy, high-tech gadgets and tools that we see in our favourite movies. However, many of the gadgets and future-tech we see in older movies are becoming a […]

These are the best 5 budget drones you can find

Having a strong Drone-desire? Tired of not having a drone? Do you still think that drones are too expensive? We’ve listed 5 of the most common and low cost drones along with some of their key features, just for you! If you know any additional good and low cost drone that we haven’t inluded, please […]

UMIDIGI Rant | My bad experience | Don’t buy

UMIDIGI (previously known as UMI) is a China-based mobile phone company. They release new phones every couple of months. UMIDIGI is known for their budget price phones with amazing specs. Sound too good to be true? Well, thatÕs because it is. In this article I will be sharing my personal experience with this company. How […]