Facebook has invented a new unit of time

A new unit of time designed to help sync video frame rates

Facebook has announced a new project called: “Flicks”. What are Flicks? Well, a new unit of time of course!

A flick (frame-tick) is a very small unit, slightly larger than the nanosecond. It is 1/705600000 of a second, whereas a nanosecond is 1/1000000000 of a second. This unit of time was especially designed to help with the synchronization of video frame rates. When working with any kind of visual effects, it is necessary to divide simulated time into integer values instead of float. Up until now you would have to use specialized tools, with certain limitations, to achieve such a need. Flicks are here to solve this exact problem without any significant limitations.

For more details on Flicks you can head on to their related github page.

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