How to get big on YouTube according to Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Felix Kjellberg ( a.k.a PewDiePie) has the most subscribed channel on YouTube with more than 56 million subscribers. He recently made a video explaining how to get started on YouTube, which a lot of people appreciated. Since his previous video was met with a lot of love from smaller YouTubers, he decided to make another one where he elaborates some points on how to grow your YouTube channel.

Just like we did with his first one, we analyzed his video and kept the main points.

What we learned:

Don’t Imitate Current Felix

“Don’t look at anything that I’m doing right now.. ” ~Felix

Felix makes it clear right from the beginning that you shouldn’t try to imitate what he is doing with his channel right now. According to him, he stopped trying to grow his channel because he’s happy with the audience he has.

Having said that he continues by saying that he understands the struggle of making content that no one is watching.

I’m making good content, Why is noone watching it?

The answer is quite simple. If you want more people to watch your content you have to grow your audience. To do so, follow Felix’s advice on the subject:

Mention People to Subscribe

Obvious as it may seem, simply telling people to subscribe at the end of each video helps bring a lot more subscribers to the channel. Reminding people to subscribe will most certainly help grow your audience, but you shouldn’t overdo it. For example, telling everyone to subscribe to your channel both at the beginning and the end of your videos might get you more subscribers, but people won’t like you in the long term.

Don’t copy the style of big YouTubers

It’s important to understand that people are already subscribed to the big guys. Following the exact same style of other big YouTubers won’t get you far.You need to find your own style. If you choose to do the same thing everyone else is doing, you’re not filling any need in the community.You’re not offering a new “product” to the market. If you really care about acquiring your own audience you must eventually carve up your own style.

Be Unique

Following the previous point, you need to answer a set of very important questions when you’re making the content of your channel. What makes you different? What makes you unique? Finding the answer to those questions can prove extremely hard. Although it is difficult to create unique content, you must try and do things differently from the rest of the YouTube community. If you really want to grow your channel you need something to set you apart.

Having Content is not enough

Your content alone is not enough to grow your audience. After you create a video you must spend quite some time trying to get it out there. If your content isn’t easily consumable, maybe it is a good idea to create small compilations of your work. Using compilation videos for promotional purposes can help bring new sets of eyes to your channel. When creating this compilations it is important to leave the viewers wanting more by the end of the video. This will make a lot people curious and will most probably lead some of them to subscribe to your channel.

Thumbnails and Design

Most new YouTubers make the huge mistake of neglecting the thumbnails of their videos. It’s important to put time on creating beautiful and descriptive thumbnails since they can have a huge impact on your video. Using tools like photoshop might help with the process.

“It’s like entering a store. You feel a lot better entering a store with a nice front and nice interior design. Doesn’t necessarily have to do with the product they sell, but as a consumer you feel better entering there”. ~Felix

This goes for YouTube as well. You need to take care of how your channel looks and feels.It is important to put the effort in making it look better. Designing your YouTube channel to look appealing and presentable will get you a lot more new subscribers. Beautifully designed content is going to make people want to click on your videos and channel.

Proper Naming

Giving a proper name to your videos is important. Your titles need to be clear and descriptive but at the same time make people ask a question. The title must not expose the answer. People are going to want to watch the video just to get their answer.

Change constantly

Don’t be afraid to switch up. Test out different things and see the response from the people. If the audience likes it then go with the flow. Make more of that type of content. Make little changes overtime to keep improving your videos. Unfortunately, every YouTuber has a lifetime. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, your audience will eventually lose interest in your content.

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