Huawei is working on its own mobile OS in case things sour with Google

Huawei is the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer with most of their sales taking place in the market of China. Huawei’s efforts to reach the western market have proven fruitless so far mostly due to their overall design and EMUI skin, which has gotten a lot of heat because of its similarities to iPhone’s iOS.

Huawei wants to go global as soon as possible, that’s why they’ve hired a former Apple designer who worked with developing iOS 1 to completely overhaul its’ EMUI to become more user friendly ,with a new colour pallet but without altering any of the features that the western public loves.

Huawei’s Secret OS Project

On top of working on EMUI 5.0 skin for Android, Huawei has also been working on developing its’ own OS, just like Samsung’s Tizen OS, in case things go sour with Google. This doesn’t mean that Huawei is planning to abandon Android anytime soon. On the contrary, desiring to go global forces the company to stick to Android. Building an independent OS is more like a precautionary measure. Huawei wants to have a backup plan in case Google decides to limit the capabilities of Android or change it in a way that doesn’t fit Huawei’s culture.

The secret OS project is still in its infancy, and is being developed by a team in Scandinavia that includes former Nokia engineers. Although we don’t know more information about the bases which this new OS will be built on, we expect that it won’t tilt to far from Android.

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