What do we know about Vine’s comeback so far ?

Many people were sad to see Vine die after Twitter’s decision to kill off the famous app. But not everyone was able to let go. Many of its former users kept the “vine spirit” alive by continuing to share their creations, on different platforms. One of the people that refused to let go, was Vine’s founder, Dom Hofmann.

It’s been known for a while now,that Hofmann has been working on a new version of Vine, “v2”. Although the new app is basically Vine’s comeback, there isn’t any official association with the old app since Twitter still owns the rights. For this reason, Hofmann said that we shouldn’t be calling this new app, “Vine 2”.

Interesting Details about v2

  • Videos will be at most 6.5 seconds and no less than 2 seconds
  • Will include a “Team” feature to collaborate with other artists as one
  • You will be able to upload from your camera roll
  • Videos will have preloaded thumbnails
  • You will be able to record in full screen
  • Camera will automatically flip while recording
  • Gender pronouns as top level profile feature

Although we don’t know an official release date, it is expected to launch its’ beta version sometime in 2018. If you want to be one of its’ first users or you’re looking to reserve a specific username, all you have to do is stay tuned with the progress of the app by actively participating in its’ official community.

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