Has Microsoft Become More Innovative and Creative?

Microsoft appears to have taken back the crown of innovation from Apple due to its’ recent wave of innovations and creativity. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO since 2014, has given the company a fresh new look. For the first time in many years Microsoft is among the leading innovators in hardware and design.

Microsoft has taken many risks attempting to develop and distribute to the world novel technologies that are only at their early stages. Such technologies include continuum, hardware efficiency, fluent design and even augmented reality. In fact, augmented reality, or mixed reality as they call it, is where Microsoft is ahead of everyone else.

Microsoft innovating again is good news for everyone, since it has increased the competition amongst technology giants. This new focus on creativity forces big companies like Apple and Google to level up their game in order to stay ahead.

You can watch the following short YouTube video to see the recent innovations of Microsoft in hardware, design and creativity.

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