The 5 Bad Characteristics of Microsoft Lumia 650

Microsoft Lumia 650

Microsoft Lumia 650 is a Smartphone that runs Windows 10. It has a beautiful design, a metal body and distinct colour covers which are able to be interchanged. The buyer can choose between a single or a dual sim card and LTE connectivity. However, there are some significant disadvantages that should be taken into account:

1. Poor Battery Capacity

Lumia 650 has a 2000 mAh battery. This is even lower from previous versions of Smartphones such as Lumia 550 which has a 2100 mAh battery. Creating new Smartphones means adding new features and improving specifications, but even with providing better specifications, low battery life is considered to be a huge disadvantage for a new smartphone.

2. Inadequate amount of RAM

1 GB of RAM makes this Smartphone perform poorly in benchmarks. Having only 1GB of RAM, Lumia 650 has an average performance and it is not able to run apps that demand higher use of resources.

3. Lacks full HD video recording

Nowadays the feature of full HD video, plays a significant role on whether the user will buy a Smartphone. If the device is offered without that feature it will act as a negative signal for the buyer and as a result, he/ she might choose not to buy it.

4. Rather expensive comparing to Android

Lumia 650 uses an older version of chipset which has low capacity battery and little amount of RAM. Compared to android devices with similar specifications, Lumia 650 is regarded as expensive. Given the same amount of money you can get an android device with better specifications, more features and more applications available to be downloaded.

5. New features missing

Microsoft presented some amazing features for Smartphones operating under Windows such as Continuum. Continuum allows the user to connect the Smartphone to a display and use it as a computer. Despite the fact that it is a new Smartphone which was presented in February 2016, Lumia 650 supports neither this feature nor other new features of Microsoft.

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