Microsoft’s Eye Control for Windows 10 is now available in their latest preview build

The eye-tracking feature of Windows 10 is now available in beta

Microsoft has released their latest Insider Preview Build which comes with a variety of new features, including eye control. This feature allows the user to execute several tasks by using eye-tracking technology. Keep in mind that this feature is only available in beta and works with select Tobii hardware. Microsoft’s goal is to test their technology before rolling out the actual eye control feature to the masses.

Some Eye Control Features:

Launchpad: A toolbar that gives you access to mouse, keyboard, text-to-speech and more, while using eye control.

Shape-writing: This feature allows you to type faster using your eyes. You can create words by focusing on the first and last character of the word, and then glancing at the letters in between. A prediction of the word will then pop up for you to select.

If you want to learn more details about how the eye control technology is integrated with the Windows 10 UI, you can head out to their official blog post about Insider Preview Build.

Finally, you can activate Eye Control yourself if you would like to test it, given that you have the compatible hardware, by following the instructions in the following video published by Tobii.

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