Moto 360

Smartwatch or headache

Moto 360 is a really nice try from Motorola as it’s first smartwatch. It succeeded being one of the top 10 smartwatches in the market until nowadays. We have listed here some true facts about any problem that might have or users have issued before.

1. Rapid battery drain

This is one of the most common problem among any smartwatch you can bought. As it seems Moto 360 with a clean install of Android Wear 5.1 have really serious battery drain. It can loose about 30% of battery life in only one hour! They managed to fix somehow that issue with the successors of Android Wear 5.1, but is still a problem. Where stamina gone guys?

2. Stuck pixels

Stuck pixels don’t change regardless of the image on screen. Stuck pixels can spontaneously fix themselves, but there’s no telling when or if that might happen. Some users are reporting to have more than one stuck pixel on their screen. If it cannot be fixed, you can return your Moto 360 or exchange it. That’s the solution!

3. Offline or disconnected

Many users report that are getting messages on their Moto 360 about the device being offline or disconnected when it should be online and connected! Some of those problems fixed with troubleshooting by them or a successor update, but some are still being same.

4. Image retention

Some users have been found screen burn-in after leaving their watch charging overnight. This is because the Moto 360 displays the clock and charging status by default while it’s on the charging dock. The image retention or image persistence is defined as the LCD and plasma display equivalent of screen burn with temporary screen burn effects. The screen burn-in issue on LCD displays is temporary as compared to that seen on AMOLED displays.

5. Frozen Screen

Users often report the Moto 360 freezes while on the charging screen. If you see something like this, stucked on a specific screen, don’t be affraid! Just wait to get responsive again! What?!

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