Motorola Nexus 6

One of the best Smartphones ever made

The last smartphone Google made is the new Nexus 6 and it is with no doubt a very strong card for Google to play in the area of Smartphones. Google took its time to make it but in the end they made it really good. For performance the Nexus 6 has the Snapdragon 805 chipset with a quad-core 2.7GHz Krait 450 processor, 3GB of RAM and Adreno 420 graphics-processing. Those characteristics make it really, really good and in combination with good quality material (aluminum chassis) and the much sophisticated design make it one of the best Smartphones ever made. Is it really that good?

1. Not replaceable battery

As we always mention, the manufacturers do not completely convince yet about the reliability of the batteries in long term use. We all had experiences of battery issues in our portable devices in general. As a result when we hear about a non-removable battery on a portable device we assume it as a disadvantage. When a problem appears on the battery the users will be able to do nothing but to take the phone to a specialist.

2. It is a bit thick and heavy

Even when you buy a phablet you need it practical and easy to use. When you buy Google’s best phone you would expect from it to be good looking and with imagination. Well the Nexus 6 definitely it doesn’t have that special touch that will bake someone to remember it. It is very good with an enormous research behind it we are sure. But still, it kind of lacks of character. Even with the aluminum chasses and the good quality of made, there isn’t that elegant touch you get with a OnePlus 2, or that feeling you get with an iPhone. It is even less attractive than se Galaxy A7. It is maybe better on performance than all of those, but is it better than them to live with it daily?

3. Lack of a micro-SD slot

Even when you have solid 32GB or 64GB it is needed an option to extend the memory capacity of a device. In our days media take a lot of memory, high quality pictures and videos need GBs of memory and a lot applications are used that need GBs of memory too. In long term everybody will have more data and will need more memory. Even for practical reasons of moving data through devices we could say that a slot of a micro-SD card is needed.

4. It doesn’t come with a headset

Are we serious? We mentioned before that the Nexus 6 is maybe one of the best mobile devices ever and the best phone Google is launching. And it comes with no headset? Is the first phone to launch the Android Lollipop and is described by a lot of people as the flagship of Android and Google on smartphone technology and is mentioned that this device is writing history, also due to its background. Sorry lads, in 21st century history can be written only if it comes with headset.

5. What’s going on with the sound system?

We now that the Nexus 6 is really improved on its sound system and the front-facing stereo speakers are a really nice touch and a very good idea, with nice sound quality. However, plugging in a set of headphones is not a very good idea. The volume level is very low and in that category of Smartphones with that quality is disappointing. Something else we noticed is that video sound can be recorded only in mono which is really unfair for the very fine camera of 13MP.

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