Net Neutrality – One of the most important issues of our generation you need to care about

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we live. One can argue that it is the most important development of our history. It has connected the world in ways and places no one could previously have imagined. It has given people the ability to spread information and knowledge in extraordinary rates.

Using the internet has enabled creative and innovative individuals to build successful business from the ground up. Facebook, Google and Amazon are just a few examples of the giant companies that came from young entrepreneurs and small startups.

Without Net Neutrality, the free and open internet could become a thing of the past.

Net neutrality is a set of rules that protects the openness of the internet. It preserves our right to communicate freely online without any control from big companies like Comcast & Verizon. These companies are internet service providers (ISPs) that have spent years trying to end net neutrality. Year after year they desperately attempt to control the internet. The reason you need to care about this issue, is that these giant companies are coming closer every year to ending our free and open internet.

The ISPs want to pass a new set of rules that allows them to control what we see and do online. Without net neutrality, there won’t be anything to stop these companies from blocking or throttling the connection to the Internet in an attempt to make more money and acquire more control.

Their ultimate goal is to create “fast and slow” lanes on the internet. Websites that are able to pay more will be prioritized whereas smaller websites will be much slower. The realization of this prioritization scheme will destroy young entrepreneurs and startups. Without Net Neutrality, it will become almost impossible for fresh startups to flourish and become the new Facebook or Google. In addition, ISPs could acquire extraordinary amounts of power by slowing down their competitor’s content or by blocking political and economical opinions they disagree with.

The end end of Net Neutrality will be the end of the free and open internet.

Hopefully, you can now see why it’s vital everyone understands how important net neutrality is. If you want to help fight big corporations that try to kill net neutrality, you can do so by sharing this information with the world.

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  • Let us not take the loss of net neutrality as a defeat, but rather a stepping stone to decentralize the internet. Someone is always looking for a solution and perhaps this is just what consumers need to start looking at other options. Once the game downloads or movie streams start getting choked back due to the loss of net neutrality, some genius is going to come up with a new way of doing things that could change the way the whole thing works. Let it die I say. Technology evolves much faster than we do. It’s only going to accelerate internet 2.0.

    • I thought of this idea too. In theory this sounds good. But that’s what it is, just an optimistic theory. Even if someone manages to decentralize the internet he would need a form of media to propagate his idea. With ISPs in full control, the evolution and propagation of decentralized Internet would be highly unlikely. I like to think that one day we will be able to move forward to Internet 2.0. I just don’t think killing net neutrality is the correct initiative to this beautiful idea.