OnePlus 2

The radical concept that took phone devices in a different dimension enters its second generation.

We could easily say that is definitely one of the best phones in the market. The OnePlus 2 has a very effective recipe of high built quality, elegant touch, best performance, character and last technology combined of course with low cost if you compare it with its rivals. It is built to hit the future and that is based on its powerful processing Unit (64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset) and of course on its Operating System, the Oxygen OS 2.0, that supports a nice package of functions that are expected to come as part of Android Marshmallow 6.0. It also comes with a very useful for some option of dual sim. However, nothing is perfect.

1. No micro-SD card slot available
As we always say we are in a time that pictures, videos and in general media are getting larger and larger in size due to their evolution of quality. The fact that you cannot extend the storage capacity it force the buyers to buy the version that includes 64GB of storage. The one of 16GB it cannot work with people that take a lot of pictures and videos and storage high quality media.

2. It hits the future. Well, the OnePlus 2 very nicely tries to hit the future.
As expected the device is very sophisticated and includes some features and technologies that are on their way for other manufacturers. However, it misses some points. For example there is not NFC technology. A stronger point is the lack of Quick Charging and wireless charging support.

3. It charges and exchange data with the very futuristic USB type-C.
You probably never heard of it and that is normal because it is the first device that hits the markets with it. As a result, at the meantime and with very simple words, the benefits you get from that technology are not supported yet so it doesn’t make any difference but has the issues that all iPhone users have to deal with thanks to the Lightning connector. Actually they have even bigger problem because iPhone users are more likely to be found than users with USB type-C. On our opinion an overly futuristic option for now.

4. It weights a lot!
Comparing to other 5.5 inch phablets of its time we noticed that the OnePlus 2 with 175g is one of the heaviest. And we note this because in the end of the day it is a mobile device and it needs to be practical on the hand. But that is not necessary bad for all people because is caused by the good quality material that successfully deal with overheating. Anyhow, its weight and size make it not very easy to use.

5. I want one, what do I do to get one?
Well, that’s not so simple. If you want to buy one you need an invitation and you need to go through waiting and a certain process in order to be able to purchase one. A bit complicated I think. And a process that definitely keep some buyers away from purchasing it. But is of course in exchange of the very reasonable price that the OnePlus has. However, nobody would say no to a much easier and immediate purchasing process.

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