Tesla Model 3 | First 30 Handovers (video)

Tesla has officially started handing over their first production of Model 3 cars.

The event was held last Saturday (29/07/2017) by Tesla CEO , Elon Musk.

Elon, in the event, briefly talks about the design of the new Model 3 car. Then, he continues to mention the Model’s 3 five star safety  and showcases a car crash video.

After that he mentions the two variations of the Model 3 . A standard that starts at $35.000 , has a range of 220 miles (355 Km), 0-60 mph  (97Kmh) in 5.6 sec and a maximum speed of 130mph (210Kmh). A long range that starts at $44.000, has a range of 310 miles (499 Km), 0-60 mph  (97Kmh) in 5.1 sec and a maximum speed of 140mph (225Kmh)

At the end of the event he hands over the first 30 production cars to their owners!

You can watch the full event here:

You can find more about the Model 3 at Tesla’s official website here:

P.s Tesla currently has three car models . The S, 3 and X . Elon is really smart at naming 😉

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