Top 5 Switch games to play after Breath of The Wild

So you got your Nintendo Switch, finished Zelda and now need to play something else. Whether you’re looking to buy a new game now or in the near future, there are plenty of releases to get excited about.


Nintendo’s popular ‘shooter’ is back on the Switch for ink-credible multiplayer action. Offering new modes, weapons and a fun single-player campaign of sorts, it’s the ultimate summer game and will keep you busy until some other games on this list come out.


An unbelievable pair up, this tactical turn-based RPG looks weird…in a good way. I will be personally picking this up when it comes out because of how polished it looks. Very excited about this one.


While this is a port of an older game, having such a masterpiece available on the go is amazing. With added Legend of Zelda content and the option to use motion controls, this looks like the most interesting version of a non-modded Skyrim to date.


The game of the year. Mark my words. Nintendo has outdone themselves once more, returning their flagship franchise to its open-world style from the days of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. Mario can possess a T-Rex. Enough said.


The FIFA franchise returns to Nintendo consoles with this version. The story mode is sadly missing but EA was quick to prove that this is not a lazy port. A custom engine, Ultimate Team all the rest of the features from other versions and the ability to play on the go or offline multiplayer without buying a second controller. Sign me up.

What are some of your suggestions for fun Switch games?

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