The world needs a new Star Wars action-adventure game

The gaming world was shocked once more by EA. No, not because of microtransactions or the inexplainable lack of online play with friends in FIFA 18 on Switch. This time it was because of the closure of Visceral Games, a subsidiary of EA and developers of the Dead Space series and an unannounced Star Wars adventure game.

EA ruins it again

Satan, excuse me, EA, apparently killed any hopes of the world receiving a Star Wars game that doesn’t feel like Battlefield Star Wars. It is 2017 and I find myself asking, where have all the good Star Wars games gone? It would seem nowadays it’s impossible for the gaming industry to produce a game as good as Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy or even Knights of the Old Republic 1&2.

Force Choked

The closest thing we got to the old style of Star Wars action-adventure games were the two games in the ‘Force Unleashed’ series, which crashed and burned because of a string of bad decisions from the studio and publisher behind it. Despite their potential, the technology powering them and the value of the Star Wars franchise, the ‘Force Unleashed’ games ended up being a confusing mess of hack n’ slash style gameplay which lasted less than the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition.


There was also Star Wars 1313, which you should definitely check out. It was meant to be a mature, gritty adventure game. Sad thing is, it was canceled when Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars. Hey, at least there’s a lot of gameplay videos of it.


My favourite Star Wars games mixed first-person and third-person gameplay for a unique experience. They had new, incredible characters that you cared for, with just enough familiar faces from the movies to give you a sense of when and where the games take place. We need more of that; more focus on lengthy single-player campaigns. It’s such a shame that developers and publishers have the technology to make an AMAZING Star Wars game but sadly, EA has the game license and you know, they’re the Devil.

I hope the work the very talented developers at Visceral Games did sees the light of day. I hope their adventure ‘Uncharted-style’ Star Wars game gets released one day. The world needs it.

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