YouTube puts Logan Paul’s YouTube Red projects on hold

No more special treatment for Logan Paul

After being blamed for responding too lightly (or not at all) to Logan Paul’s horrific video upload, YouTube has announced that they would be looking into further consequences and so they did. According to Polygon YouTube has decided to remove Logan Paul from the prefered ad partners list and even put his YouTube Red projects on hold. It took a little longer that it should have, but YouTube took the appropriate action in my opinion.

Some Context

In case you haven’t heard, Logan Paul, a famous influencer on YouTube, has recently uploaded a video featuring a real dead body of a man hanging from a tree in the well known “Suicide forest” in Japan. In the video Logan constantly shows the body of the victim and makes jokes about it. The video has caused massive outrage and was labeled as disgusting and disrespectful. Since then, Logan Paul has taken down the video and issued an official apology.

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